Improving Veteran Treatment And Health Care Essay

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The final words of the “Star Spangled Banner” boldly and proudly champion the United States of America as the “home of the brave and the land of the free”. However, despite the lyrics of the song, America is failing to give a proper home to the brave men and women that fight to make and keep the country free. Moreover, the United States is failing to even provide adequate treatment and care for the veterans of the armed forces. Yet, astonishingly, many American citizens are either unaware of or apathetic to the mistreatment of veterans in American society. Therefore, publicizing the mistreatment of veterans in America is the most practical solution to effectively improve veteran treatment and health care.
Veterans are atrociously objectified in American society. People have an erroneous inclination to view the position of a soldier, not as a profession (as a cop or a teacher is viewed), but as a whole person. Through this flawed and insensitive perspective, Americans have been trained to assume that war both dominates and destroys the entire life and soul of a veteran. Because of this assumption, the general public has adopted a stereotype — an inaccurate template — with which to address soldiers returning from war. For example, veterans of World War I and World War II were viewed solely as “heroes” upon returning home, while veterans of the Vietnam War were completely shunned and labeled as “murderers”. However, in contrast with the generalizations made by the American…

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