Improving The Student Toolbox By Dunlosky Describes Multiple Strategies

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Strengthening the student toolbox by Dunlosky describes multiple strategies that students can use to learn certain amounts of information that the students have to know in a class and in turn strategies on how teachers can teach their students. These strategies were as follows for students and teachers being the good; practice testing, disturbed practice, interleaved practice, elaborative interrogation, self-explanation, and the bad; rereading, highlighting, summarization, keyword mnemonic and imagery for text. All of these strategies are and can be used by students and helped or hindered along by their teachers, some more than others.
In my high school years I received multiple instructions to not cram study for a test and to space out studying for it in the days leading up to the test. Back then I rarely studied anything in my class because I had a pretty robust memory and could just remember what I wrote in my notes or what was said in class and for anything that was challenging to me, that’s the only time where I might have used the interleaved practice strategy where I space out something very challenging that loomed over my head coming up before the exam. I learned about all of the helpful strategies such as practice testing in history class when my teacher gave us a quiz every other day, which while being annoying, was surprisingly helpful to me and is something that I will definitely use in my teaching career because the aspects of history can just be lost on a…

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