Improving Customer Service With The Phone Essay

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Improving Customer Service Over The Phone
Customer service is a relevant source of ordinary everyday living. An individual that deal with “people” are incorporating customer service skills. Dealing with customer service representatives can at times be just as stressful as dealing with an angry customer; However, it is imperative to be fully trained in “Developing People Skills”. If an individual can talk to people, one should also be able to listen. Remember, treat people the way you want to be treated; talk to people the way you want to be talked to; respect is earned, not given, Nishah, H. (1917). Putting the customer needs first and empathizing with their needs is all a customer really wants. The ratings for surveys would even increase as much as the business. “A recent survey suggests only half of all customers are satisfied with the quality of service they’ve received over the phone” Norris, M. (n.d.). Indeterminately, without help can overall statistics improve? There are so many ways to improve the overall quality of customer service simply by being action orient. Not only will the customer get the satisfaction of a well handled call, but the representative also gets back excellent feedback; Therefore, expanding the business and being more marketable. The information in this graph shows percentages based on respondents and how they would relate if their problems were not addressed properly:…

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