Improving College Careers For A High School Student Essay

776 Words Oct 6th, 2016 4 Pages
An excellent way to get a boost start on their college careers for a high school student is taking a college course while in secondary school. This is called dual-enrollment, and it is beneficial as well as academically challenging. Yet, students see this as a free passing grade for a university level course because they are enlisted in the dual credit programs. Even though they are privileged to take this program, they still have to do the same amount of work and effort as much as a full-time college student. College has its differences compared to high school and vice versa. College is considered to be a life path choice after the adolescence years of a human. However, attending to a university or technical school could be costly. Because of the situation, high school peers began to practice the dual-enrollment provided from technical schools. The program allows students in high school to enroll in a college course while completing secondary school. This option helps to save money and time for the future. It sounds like a good idea and all, but students seem to decline and struggle when completing both high school and dual-enrollment. Scholars argue that they should finish an undergraduate college course with a "free" passing grade because they are attending both schools. Even though dual-enrollment is a worthy opportunity to grab, there are circumstances that one must face. Before enlisting in a dual-enrollment program, there will be given a series of paperwork to read.…

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