Imposing The Death Penalty

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The death penalty and its use as punishment often has a whole lot of controversy whether it should be allowed or not. The reason is, the death penalty is not a minor issue like the use of school uniforms, lowering the drinking age, or legalizing gay marriage. This controversial issue is substantial because it’s about giving someone who commits capital crime the punishment of execution. Many often argue that it simply does not serve justice. In contrast, many people believe that it should be a consequence to one’s wrongful actions, serve justice, and can prevent the death of innocent lives in the future. The death penalty shall be allowed in all states. The death penalty will serve justice to those whom committed atrocious crimes. One whom …show more content…
If the death penalty is enforced crimes can come to an end and we can prevent the death of many, the death of our family members, friends, and children. Death is feared and if death is a consequence to severe crimes it would keep many people from murdering innocent people. In the article “A Note on the Death Penalty”, it says that, “Imposing the death penalty certainly ends the lives of murderers, but probably saves innocent lives” (Bayles). This is certainly the most important because it provides reassurance that the same person will not be alive to commit another harsh crime. You want to be guaranteed that a murderer is gone and no longer roaming the streets taking even more innocent lives and want to be certain that they are getting what they …show more content…
Capital punishment can be a tough topic to discuss because people tend to have extreme views and opinions on it. The death penalty is a quality to society; it prevents possible criminals as well as serves revenge to criminals, and is in no way depraved. The arguments contrary to the death penalty regularly do not hold up when examined more thoroughly. It is vital that everyone is united on this subject, rather than having some states practice capital punishment while others do not. The death penalty can be a beneficial tool in sentencing criminals that have committed some of the nastiest crimes known to society. It is imperative that we start to pass legislation making capital punishment legal throughout the United States so that justice can be served

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