The Importance Of The Death Penalty In Texas

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The death penalty should be legal in all states. The death penalty is a punishment that fits the crimes committed. Prison life is too easy and gives too much freedom to criminals who commit terrible crimes. The death penalty provides true justice for victims and closure for their families.
The death penalty works. Having the death penalty be legal in all states would deter new criminals from going into the system. One particular state that is known for giving the penalty frequently is Texas. On December 7, 1982 Texas became the first state to carry out an execution by lethal injection. Texas has a high number of executions, “Texas is first in the number of executions carried out in the United States since 1976” (Death Penalty information center). Since the death penalty rate is so high in Texas if it were like that throughout the whole United States it would make the offender think more about wanting to commit the crime of murdering someone. The death penalty should be legal in all states. According to the legal dictionary, murder is the unlawful killing of another human being without justification or proper excuse. Murder is a brutal act of killing someone in cold blood who was innocent. The crime of murder fits the punishment of the death penalty. Mass murderers such as Charles Manson, who is known for
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The punishment of the death penalty should fit the crime. BTK killer Dennis Rader and Charles Manson are two of the most notorious serial killers known to this day. They both narrowly escaped the death penalty and are currently serving life sentences. Prison life is too easy for the inmates they get the opportunity to have some of the same luxuries that civilians get to have. They can even get married, Charles Manson proved that earlier this month. It gives the family the reassurance and the healing that they need to put their loved one to rest. This is why the death penalty should be legalized in all

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