Important Meal Of The Day Essay

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The Most Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast is associated with being labeled the most important meal of the day. Usually Breakfast is the first meal of the day and is the first source of energy for the body and mind. Before taking this course I noticed and knew eating breakfast was widely advocated, especially by those in the educational field. Teachers on the high school level remind students to eat breakfast so they can retain the information as well as be awake, aware and focused. In addition, the ACT Company recommends not only getting a restful night’s sleep, but having a qualitative breakfast the morning of. Through the duration of this course I learned breakfast is crucial to the diet. Breakfast foods such as iron-fortified cereals,
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My mother deserves that recognition for that. In the past my breakfast consisted of cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit and a glass of milk or juice followed by my multi-vitamin. Now that I am in college my habit has changed. I get up earlier to attend morning classes, but eating breakfast is not on my list. My typical morning routine is as followed: I wake up at 6am, let the dogs outside on a leash, feed my animals, pick out my outfit then get dressed. Lastly I pack my bags into the car and leave for college at 7am. As implied I do not find time to sit down and eat breakfast like I used too. My illogical reasoning for this currently is I have only one or two classes in the morning that last until the afternoon so I do not see the need to eat breakfast when I can come home and eat lunch or dinner afterwards. I cannot lie and say my stomach does not growl halfway through the class session because it does. However, my typical response is to ignore it and force through it until I come home. The other factor that contributed to this bad eating habit besides my illogical reasoning and schedule is my taste preference. I do not like breakfast foods. I prefer lunch or dinner type of foods. The only time I desire breakfast style foods is on the weekend when I have the time to make toast, eggs hash browns, bacon, sausages, …show more content…
In my opinion the most important meal of the day is your first meal and does not always have to fit the stereotypical breakfast foods. Whatever I decide to eat in the morning has to be healthy: low is sodium, sugar and saturated fat. Also the meal must include a fruit and/or vegetable with it. However, my specific goal is to incorporate more traditional healthy breakfast foods. Eating these types of foods will increase my intake of fiber, whole grains, vitamins and minerals. In addition, eliminating nutritious styles of foods out of your diet simply because of taste preference is not a beneficial habit to have.
To accomplish this goal I need to make changes in my schedule either by waking up earlier, cut my time to get dressed and/or be willing to leave the house later.
In my journals I will document what I have eaten, how it impacted my schedule and lastly if my hunger is satisfied until noon when most people have lunch. This will be a positive change and is easily obtainable. Eating breakfast will improve my performance even more, reduce hunger that leads to eating unhealthy snacks, ensure I receive the proper amount of calories and is a stepping stone into incorporating more healthy fruits and vegetables and foods into my diet which is a future goal as

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