Importance Of Zoning Codes In Building Heights

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Zoning codes attempt to achieve the planning objectives through control of land use , building heights, lot or building area and the population density . Zoning codes in land use determine the type of occupancy permitted in each zone for example :- residential areas, industrial areas business, commercial areas ,recreational areas and educational areas. There are different colors that is used in land use maps .The yellow color for residential areas . The red color for commercial areas . The violet color for the industrial areas .The green color for the open spaces , parks and green ways .the blue color for the institutional buildings such as :-Public buildings , schools , hospital and churches. Zoning codes in building heights is important …show more content…
This embodies an unacceptable level of risk. These constructions are one of the most deficient constructing arrangements from earthquake-resistance point of view. The main deficiencies contain excessive wall thickness, nonexistence of each connection amid the two withes of the wall, and use of round stones.
Factors to be believed in stone construction
Factors to be believed in stone construction
Important constructions were after projected and locale jointly by chief masons who understood how to work alongside stone, and understood the gains and limitations of the material. Stone construction ought to be a combination of structural firmness, technical commodity and aesthetic delight.
Ensure proper wall construction. The wall thickness ought to not exceed 450mm.
Round stone boulders ought to not be utilized in the construction! Instead, the stones ought to be shaped employing chisels and hammers.
Use of sludge mortar ought to be evaded in higher seismic zones. Instead, cement-sand mortar ought to be 1:6 (or richer) and lime-sand mortar 1:3 (or richer) ought to be

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