Importance Of Yoga On Yoga

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Yoga For Beauty and Neem For Health

Innumerable models, nowadays have started revealing the secret to their hot and strong bodies,are none other than Yoga. Yoga is creating a major buzz in the beauty and fitness world these days.

Not only that, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also launched the website in the presence of UNESCO Director General Irena Bukova. Prime Minister Modi also addressed a gathering at the UNESCO headquarters that had the presence of a great number of NRIs.

Mr. Modi also stressed the importance of this ancient Indian spiritual Science in arousing the sense of unity.

But the question is can Yoga actually enhance your beauty? The answer is simple ‘yes’ it certainly can.Regular practice of
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Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language.Each mantra has a distinctive quality to it and when you chant ,it begins to transform you into a better person.

The Yoga Diet
‘To live well is to eat well’ this phrase holds true for everyone who practices the ancient Indian form of exercise, Yoga. All those who practice this Indian form of workout know that in order to have a pleasant life it is important to have a clean diet.When you eat well , it automatically reflects on your face and body. A good Yoga practice should be partnered with a clean diet in order to derive maximum advantage.You must nourish your body with proper food so that your mind and body are at peace with each other.

In short ,a right Yoga diet must include the accurate amount of vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for the body to function well. Ideally,it is good to observe a vegetarian diet. Remember,moderation is key to success in Yoga diet. You must eat in moderation. Some of the favored foods are milk,fruits ,cereals, fresh vegetables, whole wheat breads ,cheese, butter and legumes, herbal teas ,pure fruit juice,nuts and sprouts.

Yoga is Flanked with Ayurveda and Neem is an integral part of this ancient Indian medical
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It is a native tree of India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. It is also called as Margosa in English.

From centuries, the valuable properties of this broad-leafed tree have been acknowledged in Ayurveda. Every part of this miraculous evergreen has some medicinal quality.

From ancient times the leaves, oil ,fruit and bark of Neem have been a crucial component of Indian medical science. This “mystical” Neem Tree is exercised in nearly 75% of Ayurvedic cures for innumerable health conditions right from skin and gum diseases to diabetes to infections.Today,the whole world has begun to tap into Neem’s healing qualities, going for neem based products right from ointments to insecticides.

The Indian Neem tree, was termed by the United Nations as one of the most advantageous trees of the 21st century. Conventional claims for Margosa’s medicinal abilities have stood up to severe scientific testing. Scientist have come up with more than 150 active substances in this Indian magical tree, making it the most largely studied tree in contemporary science.

This native Indian tree is considered to be a robust cooling agent that can also function as an anti-inflammatory in conditions with surplus amount of

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