Reconnaissance In Ww1

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WWI had many factors deciding the outcome of the war. Some of which were the war on the ground, in the water, and in the air. The war in the air was significant because it provided reconnaissance, carpet bombing, and dogfighting. "In the summer of 1914, the airplane was less than eleven years old" (SparkNotes. "World War I (1914-1919)". Accessed April 24, 2016.). WWI was one of the first instances in warfare where aircraft was used, in the early stages of WWI, the military strategists realized that aircraft could be useful for reconnaissance and could spy on their enemies with the use of reconnaissance planes. In WWI, carpet bombing was a new strategy of war and was used very …show more content…
On August 6th 1914, A German Zeppelin bombed the Belgian city of Liege. This was the first ever strategic bombing in history! During WWI. Initially bombs were dropped by hand and were aimed simply by the naked eye. This method was unreliable and soon military strategist developed "bombsights". A bombsight is a device used by aircraft to accurately drop bombs. (Wikipedia. "Strategic bombing during World War I". Accessed April 26, 2016). Carpet bombing was the cause of many casualties which lead to the introduction of air raid warnings and shelters. The main users of aerial bombings were Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Austria-Hungary. The invention of strategic bombing was very successful and efficient, and definitely helped determine the outcome of the war.
Dogfighting first was introduced in WWI. The first aerial dogfight occurred during the battle of cer which happened between the days of August 15th, 1914 and August 19th, 1914. When Serbian aviator Miodrag Tomic came in contact with an Austro-Hungarian plane while doing a reconnaissance mission over the enemy Austro-Hungarian positions. The Austro-Hungarian pilot then fired at Tomic with his revolver. Tomic managed to escape and within several weeks, all Serbian and Austro-Hungarian planes were fitted with machine guns. (Wikipedia. "Dogfight". Accessed April 26,

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