Importance Of Writing Of Stephen King 's Article ' On Writing '

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The Importance of Writing
In Stephen King’s essay, “On Writing”, he talks compellingly about why we need to read and write at every opportunity. In the twenty-first century, humanity has entered a highly developed information era and modern media constantly pumps out material; but advanced technology can never replace writing. Regardless of the tricks that the newest technology can create, the basis of communication is still writing. It appears that people’s effectiveness to express themselves to the outside world is decreasing when it is a prerequisite for the future culture’s job market and overall growth. American futurist, John Naisbitt, in his book Megatrends has asserted that in this increasingly text-intensive society, people need writing skills more than ever (Naisbitt). Good writing skills improve people’s credibility and competitiveness within the job market because good writing skills increase the adequacy of verbal communication skills.
People with good writing skills are generally seen as more credible. It is presented in white-collar workers’ interpretations when they received emails or messages with legion grammatical errors and typos from a colleague (O 'Farrell). At best, the colleague was negligent in a sense that he did not proofread his text or value the text as an importance. The worst situation would be that, he would be questioned about his ability as a professional in the workplace. In other words, the consequence of poor writing skills would make…

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