Analysis Of Contagious Why Things Catch On By Jonah Berger

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The focus on the importance of word-of-mouth advertising was a major strength as provided by Jonah Berger. Throughout his book, Berger constantly tied in how STEPPS tied into and is relevant to word-of-mouth advertising. Contagious Why Things Catch on written by Jonah Berger main argument is focused on introducing ideas that would make a product or idea flourish, or simply about “what makes things popular.” A product or idea is able to flourish because it is remarkable, something worth talking about, or something worth mentioning. The most effective source of marketing or advertising is not billboards, TV commercials, promotions, etc. instead, it is word-of-mouth advertising. When consumers start talking about product or ideas to other consumers, …show more content…
One of the examples that Jonah Berger provided is about the Kit Kat ad about taking a break. Researchers found that consumers consumed Kit Kat’s most during their break and also paired it with a hot beverage. This is what led to the idea of Kit Kat and coffee. This advertisement led to gain of a $500 million brand from a $300 million brand. This is important because triggers are most effective when paired with something else that is remarkable. Kit Kat was already one of the most iconic brands; it was being talked about and consumed. Similarly, coffee is a good that is consumed, talked about, and thought of just as frequently and this pairing is what led to a revival in the Kit Kat brand. Berger mentions how hot chocolate could’ve just as easily been paired with Kit Kat however; hot chocolate is not talked about or thought of as frequently as …show more content…
The goal of the emotional stage is to strike a sense of wonderment and “awe” by providing some kind of important or significant knowledge or beauty. Evoking emotion, whether positive or negative, can prove to be beneficial to a brand because when consumers feel such a strong emotion they cannot help but share the story. High arousal emotions like awe, excitement, amusement, anger, or anxiety are more successful rather than low arousal emotions like contentment and sadness. This is important because high arousal emotions is what leads a consumer to take action whether to invest in the good or idea or tell somebody about it. In doing this, this creates transmission and your product or idea would be considered “remarkable.”

Public visibility is very important because, as Jonah Berger says, “monkey see, monkey do (134).” Because consumers often look at, and follow what other consumers are doing, public visibility is important. Consumers look to others for information and to provide credibility. Berger emphasizes how consumer’s thoughts are private and individual, but their behavior is public. This is important for making a product flourish because public visibility will increase word-of-mouth

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