Enterprise Vulnerability Management Essay

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After the vulnerabilities are identified, the enterprise can then decide what steps they need to take to mitigate the vulnerabilities. They take steps in such a way that it not only helps to get rid of the vulnerabilities but also removes the cause and hence enhance the security.
In all the cases, every single enterprise has two options
1) Endure the risk and see what dangers it can cause so as to improve the security in future. This is called retention.
2) The other thing is mitigation. In this, the enterprise works on a method to resolve the fault.

Figure1: vulnerability management key steps (5)

Mitigation is the widely used option in the world now a days and hence is explained under.
To mitigate any kind of vulnerability, one should have two kinds of approaches:
a) Qualitative:
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Figure 2: key components of vulnerability management (6)

Now we will be studying about the key components of the Enterprise Vulnerability Management.
a) Pre assessment:

At first, make sure that you have information about the system you will be dealing with. Collect the information about the fault as well because then only you will be able to solve it.

b) Assessment:
This further can be divided into different steps:
1. Documented Policy:
There need to be a documented policy which will lead you to solving the vulnerability.
2. Management Support:
You need to have the required support so as to have full control over system to mitigate fault. 3. The Right Application for Your Environment:
You can find many application plans in the market. The main task is to find which of these available applications will best suit your enterprise’s environment.
4. Coverage for operating systems, applications, and network

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