Vehicle Use Policy Administrator (NADEC)

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Vehicle Use Policy

The following policy and procedures have been established in an effort to provide consistency in the management of our vehicles or vehicles used and owned by volunteers. These guidelines must be followed to avoid damage, injury, or abuse to the vehicles, facility and/or its users. The purpose of Vehicle Use Policy is to establish a fair process for the allocation of the NADEC’s owned and/or leased vehicles to as many members and staff as possible and to monitor the use of vehicles used and owned by volunteers for NADEC related activities. All reference to “NADEC” in this policy means Company. The Vehicle Use Policy Administrator “Administrator” is Fleet Dept.

1. Use of NADEC owned or leased vehicles for personal purposes
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Vehicle user should ensure all the documents related to the vehicle are available and updated. In case of any missing documents immediately coordinate with FLEET ADMINISTRATOR.

14. Should not keep keys inside and leave the vehicle. In case of any issue with this it will be 100% responsibility of user.

15. Before vacation or exit should get clearance from FLEET DEPT.

16. Vehicle will be used by fleet assigned user only.

17. Any extra modification or installation (TINT on side glass, TV, RADIO etc…) is prohibited.

18. Plastic curtains and complete equipment’s in vehicle should not be tampered.

19. Switching off cooling unit while product inside is prohibited. As well without products should turn the cooling unit.

20. Should not keep box door open for more than 5 min.

21. Should be turn off head lights, cooling box lights and A/C while the usage of vehicle is finish before engine shuts down.

22. Do not drive while the rear door open.

23. Should ensure plug in the electrical socket for CU while parking in yard in case of products inside. And ensure to plug out while taking from yard

24. Do not drive in unsafe condition (While flood).

25. Accident due to unmindful negligence will be charged 10 % of repairing

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