Intro To Speech Class Analysis

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When I first came into class, I had a negative outlook on the entire course. I thought it was going to be like the speech class I took my sophomore year in high school; basically had to do a presentation /speech every week and listen to the same criticism of what you did right and wrong. Because of that class I’ve never been particularly enjoyed public speaking. However, this Intro to Speech class has changed my perspective I didn’t there were so many studies in the communication field such as the FIRO needs and interpersonal communication. The FIRO needs topic has been my favorite so far; I thought it was really interesting how accurate the personality quiz. My results were ISFJ and the definition from is me in a nutshell and I can use this …show more content…
Vulnerability is a very powerful aspect in a person’s life. It can affect our feeling to the point where we feel like other people can never accept us. It is also described as a weakness or flaw, I see also as an insecurity, which a lot of us do have. Sadly, we don’t think when we see other people that they too also have some vulnerability, because we are judgmental and see other people as “perfect” or “imperfect”; never an in between.
What we fail to realize is that being insecure/vulnerable it makes that person who you care about realize you do not like yourself; this can happen the opposite way for the other person. As I have been told how can you appreciate or like someone if you can 't do the same for yourself? It is true, you simply cannot. I think vulnerability is a major factor in the “Social Penetration Model”, we automatically think that strangers or new people will never accept us like our family and close friends do because of that specific insecurity. There will always be that dreadful thought of feeling rejected or

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