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Introduction “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”-Henry Ford The quote by the founder of the Ford Motor Company clearly highlights
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Firstly, an ideal criterion should be established. An effective team is a consequence of a good investment in teams. The types of investments are discussed in detail in a later portion of the essay. The first and foremost requirement is the willingness to achieve a common goal and purpose. Everyone should be clear about the tasks they have been allotted and avoid any overlapping of tasks. This being done, the team can move on to actually initiating the task. All individuals in a team should have a particular set of values and beliefs, which everyone should respect. It should be analyzed that where problems in coordination are occurring and an attempt to solve it should be made. Another important factor that should be considered is how the team is managed and controlled. Since every individual has a different response type to every action, the team managing style should be chosen very carefully. Some people like to be lead in a very directive and formal style while others prefer a more informal approach. Therefore, there should be a proper hierarchy within the team.
It is important that teams which are formed by an organization are formed keeping the following points in mind so as to be able to achieve the goals .If an effective team is not formed and the management doesn’t support the team and help it then all the benefits of a team are
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The team must have high standards that are understood by all. All the members of a team should know what is expected from them personally and as a team so that there is no confusion later. 7. The team must receive external support and encouragement. Management should always be active and keep supporting and encouraging the team so as to motivate them. . 8. The team must have principled leadership. A leader should always be there to lead and guide the team .He should possess leadership qualities and should work for the team. The team members will be less supportive if they feel that the team leader is putting him/herself above the team, achieving personal recognition or otherwise benefiting from the position.

Earlier we have mentioned the characteristics of an effective team. Now using these characteristics and after going through the following steps an effective team can be formed.

Team Establishment
A group of highly competent individuals working together does not create an effective team. For the development of a strong team, a group has to pass through clearly defined stages of development along with keeping in mind some of the basic fundamental

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