Importance Of Teaching ESL

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I tutored ESL for total of four student in ISU, and one of my friend in Japan by online. All of four students happened to be eastern Asian. One was Chinese and the other three students were Japanese. I taught Chinese student how to pronounce American English, two Japanese student for grammar, and one Japanese person for basic communication in English. All of four student react to learning differently, and nothing was consistent for them to learn English. However, after each session, I was able to tell that their English proficiency have improved, and most likely, I could tell that they were satisfied of what they have been taught. Through experiencing teaching ESL learners, they are always looking for exact and accurate information or knowledge about English from the lecturer. For example, my Chinese student that I tutored about American English pronunciation, intonation, and liaison between words. She looked at my mouth and listened carefully of how …show more content…
They came up with some English sentences that contains plural form of “s” in multiple places in sentences. For instance, what is the difference among sentences of “I want a different kind of picture,” “I want a different kind of pictures,” “I want different kinds of picture,” and “I want different kinds of pictures.” For Japanese ESL learners, their first language of Japanese does not have plural forms in their language. Therefore, it is harder for them to understand where to put plural form of “s” in sentences. Also, it is difficult of them to specify the differences in those four sentences. The characteristics of Japanese international students was that they want to know logical answers toward their questions. They asked me how to image those differences among sentences, and they want to know how are those sentences different from one and another before they actually use such sentences in their daily or academic

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