Teaching English To Learners With Special Educational Needs Analysis

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The article I picked is called Teaching English to Learners with Special Educational Needs (SENs) - Myths and realities. Just off the title itself, nowadays this happens in classroom around the world. Students who walk in and not know English and who are trying to learn it, but they can’t because they have a learning disability hold them back. This article states different myths that teachers or parents may have and setting them straight. For example, it said that students with SENs can’t learn a language, but that not the case. Learning English gives them opportunities to learn other skills, like listening, working with others, taking turns, and other social skills. I believe that students with SENs are capable of anything, if they work hard and that goes for any student. Along with talking about the myths, they also give tips on having an inclusive classroom with ELL students. This is very help for teachers, who are starting out teaching English. There was a wide range of tips for teachers. For example, developing a buddy system, so learners can help each other and share skills that help them. Another tip that was address in this article was to think carefully about how you will give instructions to that student. I think these tips are very beneficial to have because you really never know when you will have a student in your class that doesn’t …show more content…
This activity will use all letters from the classic game of Scrabble or you could use any letters, like the magnet ones. This activity will help students with the tenses. When the students are learning the past simple tense, you will give them the sets of letters and you say the infinitive and they write the past simple forms using the letters. For example, you say ‘go’ , the students should write ‘went’ in scrabble letters. This will make a great center for students to do by themselves or with a

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