Withitness Analysis

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Teaching and Assessment Strategies
Manning and Bucher (2012) describe ‘withitness’ as a descriptor indicating that a teacher is aware of what is occurring within his/her classroom at all times and is able to multitask with competence and confidence (p. 270). In all types of teaching it is important to possess ‘withitness,’ however, it is especially important when utilizing individualized instruction (p. 167). Individualized instruction allows teachers to provide students with personal attention and individual pacing. Teachers must display ‘withitness’ in this teaching style as they have to be aware of individual student needs, learning abilities, and student interests. Teachers must modify and adjust learning for the needs of multiple students,
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Students in the middle school environment, according to Manning and Bucher (2012) learn best when teachers take into account student development, adolescents mature and grow at different paces during this development. This strategy allows for teachers to take into account the development of each student individually and create a learning environment in terms of grouping, approach, and assessment for each student no matter where they are in personal development.
With this type of instruction, co-teaching would provide very useful. Co-teaching allows for more than one educator to have an important role within the classroom environment and student learning. Parallel teaching would provide more one-on-one attention for each student, making the individualized instruction more accessible to students. Traditional assessment would be well utilized with this instruction, such as a quiz or essay question to ensure that students understand the
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Through the assessment process, students must prove that they have mastered the skill at hand, before they can move to the next skill. It is though the analyzing of data though the collection, measurement, and evaluation to determine if students have mastered material. This technique would be assessed well through traditional means, such as a test, quiz, or essay response. The technique of mastery learning will help teachers address the sixteen characteristics of effective middle schools as described by the Association for Middle Level Education. Through this technique, teachers demonstrate an understanding of curriculum, multiple learning and teaching approaches, and varied and ongoing assessments. Teachers also demonstrate an understanding of students, their abilities and goals, and the school community and environment. Mastery learning is a very effective tool in ensuring leadership and organization of teachers, because mastery learning requires that educators are committed and knowledgeable about their students and maintain professional relationships to the benefit of themselves and their

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