Importance Of Teacher Motivation And Service Towards Students

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teachers ' motivation and service toward their students. Advancements in teaching quality and the level of self-assurance in teachers makes them more willing to take responsibilities upon themselves and to not feel fear of taking the initiative in introducing new styles of teaching and other new ways of imparting knowledge to students .
Hindrances that Impede the Growth of Teacher Leaders Boles (1992) discovered from their research that when teachers felt that their abilities and skills and educational experience were ignored, they found it harder to exercise leadership not only in the school as a whole, but also in the classroom. Little (1995) backed up this view by showing that in order for a school to implement teachers as leaders, the management of the school must be willing to extend real power to teachers in their roles as leaders and not only give titles with no duties or authority to carry them out. Little (1995) established that teacher-leadership could only really find success when management was willing to give up some of their authority to teachers so they could actually engage making their ideas known and seeing many of their concepts implemented into the overall functioning of the school.
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Seashore Louis et al (1996) stated that school leaders need to make sure that they give enough time and importance to ensure that their staff has the appropriate amount for professional development. The author also stated that all professional development should always include and be centered around instructing teachers in the skills of cooperation and service to one another. Ovando (1994) reported that ne negative element associated with teacher-leadership was that many that teachers felt that the increased responsibilities also reduced teachers ' available time needed to fulfill their regular duties such as planning lessons after they took on their added roles as leaders in their

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