Importance Of Survey Methods In Research

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1. What is survey method? What kinds of survey methods are used in social movement?s research? Discuss their benefits and limitations. In the realm of social science there are a variety of measurement tools that academics use to perform social research. One of the most important tools is survey research, a measurement procedure that involves asking questions of respondents (Trochim, 2006). The importance of survey research cannot be understated, as it is estimated that in the 1980s and 1990s one out of every five studies published utilized survey research as part of their data (Klandermans & Staggenborg, 2002). Survey research can be as simplistic as the traditional, short question and answer survey filled out in pencil to an in-depth interview …show more content…
Grounded theory is a method in which observable data is used to inductively generate a theory based on the representative data set rather than using deduction, whereby a theory is tested and validated based on scientific data.6,7 Creswell relies on Strauss and Corbin (1990) to provide the steps required to code data in the research process. Open coding begins by developing major themes based on data inputs and transitions to axial coding which focuses on the core phenomena at the heart of the research. Furthermore, Creswell notes that as data is collected categories of data emerge consisting of ?causal conditions, strategies, contextual and interviewing conditions, and consequences.? 8 Creswell does point out that coding data can sometimes include pre-existing (a priori), emerging codes, or unique codes.9 Finally, the last step within the coding process is selective coding, whereby the researcher reviews the data and develops a theoretical model developing hypotheses surrounding the core research question. This theory is delivered narratively, visually or through a series of supported propositions.10
In Klandermans and Staggenbourg?s edited text, a variety of concepts on coding within social research are covered. Although less extensive notes on coding are provided, similar ground is covered. During the interview process, echoing Creswell,
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Creswell approaches data coding from a more strategic approach, providing guidance on structuring research, expected processes to be adhered to, and potential outcomes based on the frameworks he provides. The editors Klandermans and Staggenbourg leverage a variety of author?s experiences to explain more tactical challenges that occur in the field. A variety of essays are collected and provide experiential depth to the data coding process and address trials and tribulations that are bound to arise unless addressed accordingly. Although complimentary in nature, each text offers different perspectives based on practical knowledge. Their contributions offer a glimpse into the realm of social research and further extend social scientist?s visions on the effective application of social research methodologies, further strengthening Bernard of Chartres view that we merely stand on the shoulders of those that came before

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