Psychology Personal Statement

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Studying psychology at A level has allowed me to study the science of human behaviour. I feel studying psychology at degree level will increase what I know about the mechanisms of a human mind.

I study both sociology and psychology at A level which I believe go hand in hand in understanding and dealing with people. Psychology allows me to learn about the scientific theories on the conditions of mentally ill patients.
Studying psychology will allow me to better my communication skills and interactions with different types of people as it will allow me to study the science of human interactions and how we all participate inversely in communication.

When researching into Psychology at degree level I found neuropsychology and clinical psychology
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The nursery work experience meant I was working with very young children and had to lease with the staff to help to potty train the children and teach them to use cutlery safely. This allowed me to improve how patient I could be with a sensitive group. I was made to work with a 3 year old autistic child who developed a liking for me and so I had the responsibility helping to discipline him and help him improve his interaction with other children. The staff was pleased with how I worked during my week with him and asked me to come again in the summer to work with the child in summer school.

Working in a primary school gave me the opportunity to teach one maths lesson to a group of 9 year olds at the end of my 2 week experience to display teaching skills I had learned. I didn’t find it easy as I had never taught children before and I was working with children who found it hard to concentrate and so proved difficult for me. Although I found it challenging it allowed me to learn more about communication with children and allowed me to acquire more about how to teach a young

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