Importance Of Striving For Accuracy

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Part A: “Gathering Data Through all the Senses” is a huge key factor for academic success, this is something I have always struggled at doing. I would find the most simple way of doing something and not get a true full understanding of how it works and is done the right way, I just wanted to get the problem over with. The older I would get my attitude has changed on how I would get ready for a problem, I would try to understand every bit of information I could and as a result I would start doing better in my classes and any other problem I came across.
When “Striving for Accuracy” you have to a willing attitude to go the extra mile and take your time to make sure you have everything right. “Striving for Accuracy” is something I can still be
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This is my last real non take home final for the term this motivates me because I just think about Christmas and spending time with family.
Save Money for a plane ticket, I just work as much as I can and and spend as little money as possible. I would think back about the last time I 've seen my dad’s side of the family and it made me a bit sad than I decided to do it and can’t wait to see them again.
Learn to fly my drone properly , I love flying my drone. The problem is Oregon has way too many trees and I crashed it all the time. I would just think about if I get good I could start using it to look at places I could never look at without it,
My strategy was just work at it until I have it done, I would think about how I just have to put the work in and then I get to rest and enjoy my time off. The academic part because I don’t have to got to school until next term and with the plane ticket is my reward because it comes with time off. The drone is a different kind of reward but same strategy, think about the near future. My strategies for my motivation don’t change no matter academic or

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