What Is The Importance Of Setting Goals For The Future

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Setting goals for the future is important to me, because it gives me motivation to meet that point when it comes time. To start with, the first goal I have for my future is to graduate from Verdigre High School in the spring of 2016. This mark is almost met, but still seems far away. It will always be a destination of mine, until it is reached. Secondly, the next goal of mine is to attend a college in Nebraska, to become a Physical Therapist Assistant. I will do this by attending a Community College for two years and then possibly move on to a four year college and become a Physical Therapist. However, after those four years, there will still be more schooling if I choose to be a full Physical Therapist. I have made the decision that after …show more content…
Some examples are my grades in school, sports, and my job. To start, grades are very important to me, they always have been. I’ve always been on the honor roll every year in school. One way I achieve this goal is by setting the standards for grades high. When I meet this goal, I feel a sense of pride in myself for working hard. The reason I care so much about grades is because they matter in the future after high school. Secondly, I work very hard in the sports that I play to achieve a starting position or even a varsity letter. Every day at practice I always put my best effort into everything I do. For instance, the hard work I put in shows the coaches that I am willing to that everyday and that I deserve starting spot on varsity. Another achievement I strive for in sports is to receive a varsity letter at the end of the year. In the past three years I have lettered in basketball three times and volleyball twice. When it comes to my job as a waitress, I gained higher pay and more trust by working harder. For example, when I picked up more hours for the first time this past summer, I confirmed that I was committed to my boss. The result of this was a higher wage. Another thing hard work got me was trust from my boss and employees. They knew that I could perform my best and had no problem with me being there more. I enjoy the job I have and everybody that I work with. Hard work does pay off, but sometimes the rewards aren’t as pleasing as the satisfaction I get from putting my best effort

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