Free Will In Islam Essay

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Belief in Qadar is essential for Muslims. They must believe that everything that happens to us in this dunya is because Allah because he is in control and knows about the future. Therefore both good and bad things.
Muslims have a believe that everything that happens to them in their lives and in this world is under Allah’s control since Allah is all powerful and he can do whatever he needs. Similarly Allah has given all mankind a free will, which means that mankind have free to choose whether to act in an evil way or a good way. This is the reason that makes human beings as the only species with free will.
The belief in qadr in islam does not contradict or disagree the idea of free will. We can choose what we want to do and avoid and reject what we do not want to do. However, we should understand when and what time we should use the words, free will or Qadar, and what are the circumstances which each one is
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Verily, Allah is Ever All-Knowing, All-Wise.” (76:30)
The above verse does indicate that human being still have a will. Allah gave them a will; that is why they will be held accountable and answerable. Yet, this will of is still outdated by His, as clear from the verse.
Understanding the concept of free will in the framework that if someone wish something in his life to occur, it occurs without any interference of external forces. For example, Allah’s will (SWT) can be seen and felt when Allah says "be and it is". While, us human beings we do not have these great abilities. Our decisions and choices are influenced by many factors that we cannot control. Hence, it is only reasonable to conclude that human beings have the freedom of making free choices and decisions and do not have free

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