How Does God Make Us Free Will Essay

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Why God Gave Humans Free Will Before we can ask questions such as, “Why did God give humans free will?” we must first understand exactly what free will is and how it affects us in our daily lives. Free will is the choice we are given to decide between right and wrong. C.S. Lewis describes free will as this, “God created things which had free will. That means creatures which can go wrong or right.” He goes on to say, “If a thing is free to be good it’s also free to be bad.” God gives us a choice between doing the right or the wrong thing every day when we make decisions. C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity bases God’s existence off of the one notion that there is something inside of us from the time we are born that distinguishes between right and wrong. Why would God make us, a creation that he loves, capable of such destruction and hate and also such creation and love? When discussing free will it is extremely important to understand a few key concepts, the first is God knew exactly what He was doing when he created humans and gave us free will. Many times we see people say things such as, “If God was real then why do innocent people get killed …show more content…
I think it is extremely important that we understand free will and know that yes, we make our own decisions. However, those decisions we make really do affect others around us. We need to strive to show Christ in our daily lives and to be more like Him each day. I think even though many people in this world will end up doing us wrong and not treating us right, we should first take the time to think about the root of the problem: sin. It started with the fall of man and will be here until our Savior comes back. We all sin and it’s important that we realize that just because someone sins differently than us doesn't mean we should judge them. If we would all strive to show Christ in our day-to-day interactions the world would be a better

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