Persuasive Essay On Free Will

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Thousands of years ago, philosophers began to argue about the existence of free will. Free will is a power of acting without restraint of fate. People started questioning whether free will exists or if it is merely imagined. Do humans have control over their actions, behaviors, choices, desires and emotions? Some philosophers believe that human have self-control over their actions, and others say that there is no such a thing as self-control. Philosophers have long debated the concept of free will among humans. Is there really such thing as true free will? Some philosophers like Sartre claim that humans have free will, while others philosophers such as LaPlace argues free will is just an illusion, and humans are not inherently free will. According …show more content…
Libertarianism completely opposes the idea of determinism. The mains reason that libertarianism opposes the philosophy of determinism is because determinism denies the existence of freedom. Libertarianism believes that humans are free and responsible for their actions, and nothing forces humans to do anything. Libertarianism claims that free will is possible because determinism is false. Libertarianism does not believe in the existence of God. Libertarianism also said humans have no special purpose in their life. Let’s analyze the idea of libertarianism. Are humans really completely free from, nature, societies, feelings, emotions, desires, or actions? The truth is, humans are not completely free from anything, as libertarianism believes. Sartre said, “We can tell ourselves that other forces make us do what we do, but this is a form of bad faith.” Sartre is saying that nothing makes us to do anything. All things humans do are their choice. For example, I heard many times when people say “Tell me your friend, and I will tell you who you are.” This sentences clear shows that things around humans have a big influence on them; therefore, humans are not totally free from anything like libertarianism

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