The Importance Of Attending High School

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A significant chapter in my life was attending high school. High school was not the best four years of my life, as most claim it’s supposed to be. Learning to manage my workload and balancing my extracurricular activities was a task that I never seemed to achieve in high school. Homework was never in my vocabulary, so of course I struggled with keeping my grades up. Volleyball and Generation Rap received my undivided attention. Although, my participation in those activities tremendously hendred my academic performance, it helped mold me into the great college student that I am today.
I attended Lincoln College Preparatory Academy in Kansas City, Missouri. Lincoln College Prep is ranked as the number one high school in the state of Missouri
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Volleyball was something I strongly enjoyed. Making new friends, being competitive, and working out was almost like heaven for me. I believe I enjoyed volleyball a little too much because that’s where my lackluster performance in school stemmed from; not knowing how to manage my time and also not knowing the importance the importance of quarter grades. I didn’t know that my two quarter grades combined to formulate my semester grades. So my first semester report card were mainly Cs, although I did get an A and B here and there. Turning a blind eye to this, I decided to play Club Volleyball. Club Volleyball is a program where high school volleyball players are able to play in a more competitive league immediately following the normal school season. Surprisingly, during this time, November to April, my grades improved, but this wasn’t the case for the rest of my years in high …show more content…
Generation Rap is a teen radio/talk show, which is under the Carter Broadcast Group, the longest running black owned radio station in the nation. Generation Rap is broadcast live on Hot 103 Jamz, every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. in Kansas City, Missouri. Generation Rap is made up of high school students in the greater Kansas City area. With the assistance of our three mentors, we’d produce our own shows; this means we’d come up with our own show ideas, book our own guests, have our planning meeting every Wednesday, and then we would go live on Saturday. Generation Rap didn’t initially get my full attention, but I was still involved as a part time

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