Advantages Of OPPE

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Physician quality review is important to have within the field of healthcare. For instance, this is how physicians and healthcare facilities are rated in terms of quality and efficiency, especially when it comes to treating patients. There are several important aspects that revolve around the importance of physician quality review and those include Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE), Focused Professional Practice Evaluation (FPPE) processes and Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). All three of these systems work together to provide patients as well as the medical staff with valuable information when it comes to choosing a physician for their quality of care. First, it is important to understand …show more content…
OPPE is a tool that shuffles through hundreds of physicians to pick out the ones who are delivering an unacceptable form of care. In other words, according to The Joint Commission (n.d.), “OPPE is a screening tool to evaluate all practitioners who have been granted privileges and to identify those clinicians who might be delivering an unacceptable quality of care.” It is important to emphasize that OPPE is not designed to identify clinicians who are delivering an exceptional form of care. Some examples on when to generate data from the OPPE to provide the medical staff with valid information would be patient complication rates, patient infection rates, and patient’s who unexpectedly have to return to surgery. These are prime examples on when the medical staff should examine the data and determine which physicians have an extremely high amount of these cases and should either be banned or put on probation from their privileges within the healthcare …show more content…
For instance, the FPPE is tool used to follow up and check the validity of any positive cases found through the OPPE tool, which is usually only a small portion of physician who was found on the OPPE tool. According to Joint Commission (n.d.), “Since the outcome of the FPPE is so important, the review, decision and follow-up process developed by the hospital, must be objective and capable of accurately determining when a clinician’s performance is falling below an acceptable norm.” Therefore, it is important to recognize that both of these tools help the chief of staff conduct professional practice evaluations using FPPE and OPPE for all physicians and to use the results of the assessments and evaluation to improve professional practice, safety and quality of care for all

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