The Pros And Cons Of Medicaged Care

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Maryland managed Care website showed that there were eight different plans that a Medicaid recipient could choose from to receive their health coverage. Health Choice is the name of this statewide mandatory managed care program. The plans are Amerigroup Community Care, Jai Medical Systems, Kaiser Permanente, Maryland Physicians Care, Med Star Family Choice, Priority Partners, Riverside Health of Maryland, and United Health Care. This paper will analyze these plans in terms of the benefits and coverage they offer, the cost of the service, the quality of the service and limitations within these plans. The plans will receive scrutiny in terms of how the coverage provided will attained the goals of healthcare reform, to provide access to health …show more content…
The primary care provides coordinates the members healthcare needs, includes making referrals. Kaiser’s plan states that you can change your PCP or OB/GYN at any time and for any reason, while Priority Partnership requires their members to submit a change PCP form. This is important, for many members giving them the ability to change primary care providers. Plomondon, M., Magid, D., MaWhinney, S., (2007) stated that, continuity of care is an important factor in obtaining quality care. They indicated that this associated with higher patient ratings of their care, a higher level of trust between patients, and their provider, and overall higher rates of compliance with preventive care measures. Orfield, C., Hula, L., Barna, M., & Hoag, S. (2015), also support this stating, patients having a relationship with their providers, improve quality of care, cause an reduction in hospitalization, decrease in emergency room visits and results in greater patients satisfaction. In terms of the numbers of primary care providers, all eight plans have a wide range and numbers of provider to choose from, and obtaining an appointment should not be an

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