Assignment 1: Course Analysis

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‪ Looking back on my first term of college I realize I knew what I want to do. Therefore when I receive the schedule for my first four courses I started mapping out my future. However, after the first class I wonder was I up to the challenge. The course requirements were overwhelming. I soon discover I was not prepared for this college experience. In addition, it was apparent; if I did not take action I would fail. I knew I need help. What am I going to do? There were new concepts, for example blackboard, group projects, APA, MLA, Cite and reference as well as many more. During that first week I had many sleep less night think of a solution. Finally, I realize the answer was in front of me. The union had non - credit basic course, during the evening. I was in luck the course were not on the night that Philadelphia University Class. Consequently, I decide to take the Unions basic computer class with a Philadelphia University Professor. It was the best decision I ever made. By the third class I knew how to research subjects I did not understand. Those concepts that I did not …show more content…
I realized my personal development was a continuous process that involves setting goals, increasing my willingness to accept new information and concepts. However, I realize my personal development is a lifelong process. Consequently, it’s a path that will allow me to work on my skills. However, with the skills I learned in class and the interaction with people, individually and in groups, has impacted my development. I understand that my interpersonal skills I learned may hold the key to my personal and professional success. Nevertheless, this course has showed strengthen and weakness and have provided me with the tools to improve the skills I need to be successful and focus. Consequently, I look forward to my continual educational journey, growing and

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