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This paper is about leadership from the perspective of two leaders I interviewed based on a series of set questions. This paper compares and contrasts answers as well as analyzes what was said. Opinions on leadership can differ depending on who you ask. The first person I interviewed was John Dieringer of John Dieringer Construction. He has worked in construction for a number of years and currently is the owner/operator of his own business. The second person I interviewed was my aunt Deb Anderson who is the Information Technology Manager at Webster Industries, Inc. These two had similar and different takes on leadership but they both made great points. First, Mr. Dieringer’s one piece of advice on leadership for a new executive is to …show more content…
Anderson, the most important piece of advice she would give is to be respectful. In order to gain respect you must give respect. You have to give the same amount of respect to the CEO of the company as you do an intern. This shows that you are a genuine person and people will give you the respect you deserve. This is similar to Mr. Dieringer’s answer along the lines of respect. It is clearly important to be fair and respectful and in return people will treat you the same. Second, Mr. Dieringer says a good leader is steady and honest. A good leader is level headed and good at handling situations. He is honest with people and tries to solve problems in the company. On the other hand, a great leader is someone who is not afraid to take chances. He is not afraid to make difficult decisions or go against what other people want. Great leaders evolve with time and the company and are willing to change and adapt to different situations. Mrs. Anderson says in her experience a good leader is a thinker. Being able to come up with creative solutions to problems that are not clear-cut is essential. Being able to take a different course of action will make people look to you as a leader. It is important to think of new solutions to problems instead of just going with the first …show more content…
Dieringer said he does hire leaders from within the company before hiring outside leaders. He likes to promote from within if he can. It is easier to hire from within the company because they know the company which saves money. However, since his company is small, he does not have to hire new leaders very often. Mrs. Anderson says that that her company does hire leaders from inside the company. They like to do inner-company promotions before looking outside the company. She says it is easier and cheaper to hire leaders inside the company. Since both of them answered with inside the company, companies like to promote from within if they can. It saves time and

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