Note Taking Importance

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Importance of Note-Taking
Who knew that note-taking was even an art? Note-taking is so important that there are class courses in college on this subject alone. Well it should be understandable since the years spent in school, one will need to craft his or her skill in the ways of note taking in order to take effective notes during a fast-paced lecture. Note-taking is a valuable skill not only academically but a skill one can inaugurate to everyday life. “Note taking is an essential academic and practical life skill that can be readily taught using a standard process and adhering to best practice and attention to detail.” Knowing how to effectively know how to take notes will advance one’s learning, comprehension, and retention of a subject in a course.
Note-taking is an essential part of studying. It is an important tool that helps us understand how to memorize and study better and comprehend better. These articles
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Jackson explains the techniques of the art of note taking. The article discusses finding the main idea, teaching active listening, and mapping out notes for students who are usual learners; involving technology can be helpful as well because it can correct mistakes or search new information tied to your notes. Jackson also explains how to use two columns and, last, how to practice different ways to take notes. All these techniques are tools that can help us succeed and achieve on note taking. Especially, if we are trying to get a degree and you have to write a thesis, note-taking is crucial in this situation. “It is important for students to understand that taking notes condenses information, but that the information recorded must be important, clear, concise, and reflect the essence of the topic being

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