Importance Of Name By Firoozeh Dumas

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Not only you and I have a name, but also other things that exist in the world must have a name. One of our Chinese sayings is "not afraid in wrong life, but fear of having a bad name" as we believe that fate is our hand, but if your parents give you a name which sounds not good to others, it will be a stain to you and even have a huge impact on your life. Thus, a name is so important.

Here is a question, what would you do when you are meeting someone for the first time? I think for most people must introduce themselves with their own name. So, your name is the first step to let people know who you are. For those celebrities or singers, I do not really remember their name. Although I do not remember their name, somehow I know their face or
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However, for ordinary people, I think they just want to have a normal name and no one will make fun of their name. Since, sometimes people draw a person 's personality just by their name. Just like the article "The "F Word" author, Firoozeh Dumas, narrates her experience as an immigrant from Iran to America. Her name, Firoozeh, means ' 'Turquoise" in Farsi. But the language and culture differences made Dumas struggling. It is because her name was hard to pronounce and people did not want to talk to her as an unpronounceable name. As a result, she added an American name, Julie, and with this name people talked to her. Then, she graduated from college and started looking for a job, but she could not get a single interview as Firoozeh. But after she added "Julie ' ' to her résumé, she started to have job offers. From Dumas experiences, a name really has a great impact on a person 's …show more content…
It is because a memorable or unique name can help customers to identify a company and to purchase a product. Especially, nowadays those well-known brands or world best global brands all of them have a easy name or a name can represent their companies. Facebook is one of the examples and it is my favorite brand names because of the name I can already know that it have many faces in this website and it is a social encyclopedia. I think "Facebook" is the book that the most people read and know what story it is about, the story of their own

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