Personal Narrative: My Nutrition Plan

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Overall, my nutrition plan was based on 1800 calories. It seemed to be that I am not eating enough everyday. My calorie intake came out to be 1113. This report showed that almost all of my calorie levels are lower than the dietary guidelines. This could be due to the fact that I am not a fan of most of the food the cafeteria serves at the college. I feel that when I am home my calorie intake would increase. Most of the calories I intake are coming from carbohydrates and saturated fat. For instance, the saturated fat intake actually happened to be over the dietary guidelines. However, my cholesterol level was right where it needed to be; not to high and not to low. In general, this report is telling me that I need to increase my calorie intake in most areas and lower it in the fat area. Dietary fiber is an element that is needed to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and maintain intestinal health. My dietary fiber intake is a lot lower than the dietary guidelines. Dietary fiber is supposed to be at 25 grams and mine is at 10 grams. It looks like I need to start eating my fruits and oats to increase the fiber in my diet. One …show more content…
The sad part is, I am doing it to myself. I need to take action with my diet and start making changes. I do not want to end up sick all of the time when it could be prevented very easily. One thing that my body might benefit from is dietary supplements. Since I am a picky eater, there are many healthy foods that I just will not eat. Maybe by taking supplements it would help me increase all of the elements in my body that are way to low. My very first step is going to be creating a chart of my daily food intake. By doing this, it will give me a visual of all of the things I am missing in my diet. I will continue to do this until I am on the right track for the average dietary guidelines. This will not be an easy task but I am hoping to stay committed to this healthy lifestyle

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