Importance Of My Family Essay

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My family plays an important role in my life. They are people I trust and love me unconditionally. In addition, my family teaches me valuable lessons about life, and how to a generous person and a good citizen. Living together in the same house means each member learns how to respect, love and forgive others. It also builds a solid background about teamwork skills as I learn how to get along with other members. Moreover, whenever I have difficult problems, family members support and encourage me to get over the hump. They care about me and my life; they always help me to keep going on the right track. Furthermore, my family gives me an opportunity to be who I am. In short, family is everything in my life.
The relationship with friends has a strong sentimental value to me. There is a popular saying on the Internet: "Friends are the family you choose for yourself" (Author Unknown). These people always stand by my side, share happiness and sadness with me. In addition, when I am lost in the darkness, in other words, in troubles, true friends will give me a light and together, we find the way out. They accompany me on the journey of achieving goals and encourage me not to give up. Besides, when there are troubles that I do not feel comfortable to share my family, I may come to friends and ask their help.
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In my opinion, if I do not finish my homework, it is not the end of the world as I know that at least one of my classmates will do the same thing like me. I should enjoy life and spend time with friends instead of being a teacher’s pet. Therefore, I make an excuse for myself that I feel tired as I have to balance school, house chores and work. Hence, on the next class day, I pretend to forget to do homework. Most of the time, I am lucky to be forgiven; however, sometimes I am in trouble and receive bad grades. In these cases, I need to give suitable explanations to parents and

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