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The reason that I choose criminology from all majors was because I was in the process of changing majors and I had no idea what I wanted to major in so I went on the career and services on the Fresno state page. I took two assessments, which were Eureka and true colors that help me, figure which career fields best suit me. After that I started looking through all the majors and seeing which one interested me. Criminology was a major/ career that interested me the most from all other majors. Another reason that I became interested in the criminology field was because I have always wanted to give back to my community. I felt that by being a cop I could help out by keeping my community safe. After deciding which major I wanted to major in the …show more content…
According to the career services document what can I do with my major this option has to do with those thinking of going into the careers such as police officers, detectives, and security etc.? What I believe I will have to accomplish in the terms of the types of classes, experiences, personal conduct and the like that will assist me in attaining my career goals are that I am going to have to work harder put more time into my studies and to pass all my classes with B’s and A’s. In order to accomplish me passing all my classes I know that I will have to get some one to tutor me if id needs the help. Kirk Stone the director of the writing center “convince me to use the writing center when I’m having trouble with midterm papers.” Another thing that I will have to do is make an appointment with my counselor to talk about a road map to see which classes are the ones that I need so I can be on track to graduate. I also plan to start going into the police department and volunteer. I have also planned to do a ride along to get myself familiarized with the field. By doing all these things I will get to know by hands on experience what the job will require from me and I will be more prepare. After taking this crim class I learned about so many different clubs, internships that I plan to use those resources. For example, Chief Neil Dadian talk about the crim 108 Directing Police Internship that it’s

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