Importance Of Moervation On Motivation

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I observed another U.S. History teacher on my campus teaching a lesson on the Constitution, the lesson was called the Articles of the Constitution round robin. This lesson was targeted to eighth grade students so they could become experts on different Articles within the Constitution in order to teach them to fellow classmates. The objectives associated with the lesson are examining primary sources, explaining how our government works and knowing the different parts of our government system. The goal is for our students to be able to perform the objectives listed above. The lesson lasted for two days and was followed by a game that assessed what they had learned.
While I was observing I noticed several motivational strategies going on during
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We talked about how you have to get to know your students to understand how to motivate them to want to learn. He told me that he has never used tangible rewards in his classes because he does not want his students to get used to always getting something after completing an assignment. This idea has forced him to find new ways to motivate his students in his classes. While discussing motivation we talked about how in history class it is not always easy to maintain the level of motivation needed to keep our students engaged in what we are teaching. We started to come up with ways that we could increase motivation or keep the same level of motivation going in our classrooms. The thing that kept coming up is keeping the students always guessing what we will do in class will keep them engaged in our lessons which in turn could motivate our students to come to class prepared to learn. We also talked about how eighth graders are greatly motivated socially and we can use this to help keep our students motivated in our classes. The lesson he taught is a great example of social motivation, the students had to work together to come up with a way to teach their classmates material they had become experts

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