College Admissions Essay: The Value Of Education

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I was born and raised in Snellville, Georgia with my two parents and siblings. From the beginning, I’ve always been a smart and respectful student in the classroom. I never found education to be anything “stressful”, ”hard” or something to complain about. School never really came as a concern to me, for I always aimed to do my best. In my household, slacking off and bad grades were never an option. My parents were raised to put education first, so they taught my siblings and I the same. For instance, my brother wasn’t very fond of school. He would continually give up and not try on any of his assignments. My parents decided to put him in a private school, but even then that wasn’t enough. His grades continued to drop and he showed that he didn’t care about his education or how …show more content…
After watching my sister experience the full college life, I realized that it is nothing like high school. Teachers wouldn’t give me a hard time or motivate me in high school. Instead,they would baby me and hold my hand every step that I took. Now realizing that I have no one 's hand to hold, a lot of things have changed. I can no longer be indolent like I was in high school. My parents are very serious about my education and they want me to do my best when I enter college. College will not babysit me like middle and high school did in the past. I’m now understanding that I will have to do things for myself. For example, I know that when I enter college, I have to keep a schedule for all of my test and due dates. I will also have to keep all of my professor 's contact information. Most importantly, I have to keep my grades up. This is my number one priority for when I become a freshman this fall. No one is going to write my test dates down for me or tell me to email my teacher when I’m in need of help. The only person that is going to do that is me. My education comes first before anything, and I am not ashamed to say

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