Importance Of Making Ethical Decisions

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Making Ethical Decisions
For me, ethical decisions take careful consideration and a great deal of critical thinking. I try to think of multiple outcomes that my ultimate decision may cause, as well as my confidence in that decision. If I don’t feel completely comfortable with a decision that I’ve made, then it’s an indication I need to analyze the situation and possibly more before coming to a final conclusion. When this option isn’t available, due to time constraints or other hindrances, I put the hope that I have made the right decision and await the consequences in order to verify that hope. As a man of faith, my most important deciding factor is God and what I’ve learned from his teachings in the Bible. While some people may ridicule me
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The two possibilities that I faced was that I could lose a huge profit with my investment, or I could lose out on a huge profit that could support my family’s future. Although I thought carefully about the possible outcomes, which would affect my family’s future, I was unprepared to fully understand the gravity of the situation, but my main goal was to earn a larger profit for the future of my family. However, I was confident in my final decision. Nonetheless, my family supported my decision, despite the possibility of us losing a huge profit. The result was that the funds invested totaled several thousand dollars and untold personal time, and this investment concluded in zero profit and total loss. This took a huge hit in my savings and would require me to work harder until I was able replenish my funds to an acceptable balance. This situation caused financial problems for both me and my family, and I chose it confidently, despite being aware of the possible consequences. Was it an ethical decision to risk my family’s finances for the possibility of losing it all? I thought so at the time because I believed that I would make an even bigger profit for them, but I should’ve played it …show more content…
If I could do it all over again, I would hire a professional analyst to research and provide credible information that would assist in making a good decision that was based on actual facts. The situation that took place during my pastoral anniversary taught me that I should be ready to make ethical decisions at any time. While I do need to consider what the members of the church think of my decisions, I also need to take in into consideration that there will be times that I will be criticized, no matter what decisions I make. If I could repeat that scenario, I don’t think I would do anything differently because I believe that my initial response was the appropriate one. Making ethical decisions aren’t always easy and cause result in unfortunate

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