Importance Of Library As A Library

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Library has always been a magical place to me since I was five years old, and it played a compelling role in my childhood development. How librarians know where to find what information from the temple of mystery was amazing to me at that time, and I get to understand comprehensively of library’s vital value to people and community when I studied in universities and visited libraries around the world, especially after few years’ involvement in library as a volunteer. A library is a place where people can access information freely, and it is a public space for community. My career aspiration is to become a professional librarian and assist patrons to access information in the most effective way in digital age.

I grew up in a rural small town of China at early ’80s, where people didn’t have much connection to outside world to get direct knowledge other than reading books and newspapers. But it was hard to find books around. There were no public library in town; the only library was education bureau’s internal library servicing teachers. I was allowed to get in there with my mother sometimes because she was a teacher. I still remember the aroma and style inside, and the happiness after borrowing books.

My longing for library environment extended to my life and career path. The library of my
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For instance, being a technical service organization manager, I worked with my team to develop online service and technical knowledge center; being a marketing manager, I managed and organized information delivered to public in a productive way; being a volunteer in libraries, I experienced library operation in person. Besides, back to my undergraduate study in university, I worked in a database development team and completed database design and

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