Importance Of Learning To Recycle

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We need to learn to Recycle We the citizens of this planet need to learn to take care of our planet, we produce too much garbage that we need to reduce it as soon as possible. Also we don’t recycle enough our own garbage, we need to learn to recycle and give more excuses like “I don’t have the space or time to recycle” is our planet and we need to take care of it for our kids, and grandkids, think about the future generations. The population in our planet earth is growing and based on the scientists research we will not be shrinking in the by the near future and we will grow even more than expected, and with this in mind we us humans produce more garbage and waste but we don’t have any space to disappear so much garbage of the world. The trash …show more content…
We are wasting great space which can be used in better things, waste creates toxic soil and will pollute our water, can and will kill animals, fish in our rivers and seas. In a way recycling is good for the our environment because we help reduce air pollution and water pollution and at the same time we reuse and converted the recycle items back into new products made of the same materials like plastic bottles. Saving energy is very important and if we are able to accomplish enough saving we are helping the future effects of global warming in our planet. Humans should think about the three “R” which are “reduce, reuse, and recycle”. If we need don’t need it, don’t buy it, remember buy something you will be able to reuse again and again, but if you buy anything that later you will need to recycle again use your recycle bin. We are responsible as humans to help preserve, and protect our resources our own planet not only for ourselves but for kids, grandkids and the future generations. We need to recycle more because it will help our landfills and incineration plants, by reusing some of the recycling materials like paper, glass, plastic bottles, and other materials we will be able to save big production and of course energy costs and at the same time we will reduce the negative impact on our …show more content…
But I notice one small problem when the truck comes in the morning, we the residents of this community recycle plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard in different binds but they come and pick our recycle everything goes in the same trash compartment, should the recycle be separate by materials? No seem to know the answer to the question and believe me I ask no one can give a good answer about the problem.
The citizens of the United States produce too much garbage, trash, on average a person will throws around 4 pounds of raw material. By recycling which provides a major economic gain, and a good environment to our costs. The best way to handle the biggest challenge of humanity is to reduce, cut the creation of more waste. The United States will generates more garbage then before and based on the information provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from 1960 to 1997, our garbage have increased by 146.5 percent, while per capita generation increased almost 63 percent, from 2.78 to 4.4 pounds per person per day. we need to learn activities that will teach how to reduce the volume of any waste created including material with minimum content. Some of the tips to learn to recycle

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