Importance Of Leadership Skills In Hospitality Management

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Researches Eunju Suh, Joseph West and Jaeuk Shin (2012) conducted a study to determine key skills that are meaningful for future managers in the hospitality industry.
Hospitality is rapidly changing business.

Increased competition and dynamic changes. The competencies required for success by tomorrow’s industry leaders.
The purpose of this study was two-fold. First, this study identified competencies that are perceived to be important for future hospitality managers. Second, it investigated difference in perceptions between managers and students regarding the importance of the identified competencies. Competencies refer to knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes, motives, traits, and characteristics that are desirable or
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Brownell (2004) surveyed the general managers of various luxury and upscale hotels in the North America to determine the skills and personal characteristics that were most critical to their success and career development. The survey results indicated that respondents gave high importance rating to leading teams, effective listening, coaching employees, providing feedback, and managing conflicts.

Gursoy and Swanger (2005) examined oral communication skills were the most important followed by leadership skills. Other important skills included understanding profit and loss statements, good work habits, customer service skills, development of personal and professional ethics, written communication skills, team building skills, conflict/dispute resolution skills, and setting goals/
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Eigen values, a six-factor solution with explained 64.70% of the variance was obtained. Additionally, factors with less than 3 variables were eliminated. Table 4, interpersonal skills, supervisory skills, hospitality skills, leadership, communication skills, food and beverage management skill. The student rate food and beverage skills higher than the managers.

Managers identified situational flexibility in relocating as an important requirement followed by team building and problem solving skills. Students listed problem solving skills as the top competency followed by new technology adaptation and adoption and polite employee treatment.

Results derived from the current study’s factor analysis suggest a general confirmation of earlier research findings associated with important competencies for hospitality managers. The finding is consistent with the result of Perdue et al. (2001) and Kay and Moncarz (2004) in which financial management and accounting competencies received high rankings from club managers and senior-level hospitality

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