Closed Toe Shoes Research Paper

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Imagine having to walk 5 miles to a somewhat mediocre education every day because you can’t afford a car. Now imagine doing that barefoot along bacteria infested ground. Many kids must go through this. The absence of proper footwear perpetuates the cycle of poverty through generations that is harmful due to the lifelong physical problems, school and job acceptance rate, and diseases. There are an estimated 300 million people worldwide who can’t afford a simple pair of shoes. (Goldberg, “Man Going Barefoot for A Year For 300 Million People Who Can't Afford Shoes.”) A lack of shoes causes many different problems within a person’s body. These issues include diseases, physical problems but also lower the rate of school and job acceptance. The millions of children that are without shoes and these kids are dying and amputating limbs because they don’t have anything to protect their feet.
The absence of correct footwear is
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Due to the fact that kids or adults don’t have proper closed toe shoes, they won’t be allowed jobs or opportunities for education as there are usually firm dress codes; millions of children are denied an education because of the lack of shoes. (Samaritans Feet International, “Importance of a Healthy Sole: An Epidemic We Can Eliminate.”) Even if you do get accepted into a school it will most likely be a somewhat mediocre education where you won’t be able to learn as much as you would if you went to a private school. A lack of proper footwear means they’ll get either a mediocre or no education which in turn, means that their chances of getting a well-paying job are slim. This means that they will stay in poverty and their children will be born into a poor family. It is just one small problem that causes such a big chain reaction. It is a big problem yet many people are ignorant about the fact that the cycle of poverty will just continue down through the

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