Islam The Sender Disbeliefs

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Islam is one of the religious that puts human values or personal relationships, interpersonal and society in greatness and noble, no difference to each other, justice, relevance, peace that binds all aspects of humanity. Because Islam is rooted in the word "salima" can be interpreted as a peace that is present in human beings and it is natural. Peace is present, people itself uses drive to the way humanity and or position itself as a creature of God that is not only unique, but also perfect, but otherwise the human being pursues lust and does not go along with nature, the promise of God. Islam is revealed to all people. The arrival of Islam is to change the way of life to the worse to become morality. Prophet Muhammad is the sender
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Kufr means covering, but if examined according to syara 'then kufr means not believe in Allah an Apostle. When a person does not believe in Allah and His Messenger by denying it or not by denying it, then the same person has not beleif the existence of God and His Messenger. The human assume that they want to be free to do whatever they want without any rules or enforcement. It have three type of disbelief. Disbelief out of ignorance disbelief out of obstinacy and disbelief by judgment. This disbelief is authorize in against the Creator ( Allah).
Greed for wealth, power, ranks or positions. The western people doesn’t like follow the ethic in Islam because they want grab any power, wealth, ranks or position in the country. Totally against to bring benefits to other citizen. The greed of the world's wealth is one of the heart disease that is very dangerous to human life. Greed is a greedy attitude towards the world's wealth without seeing good and bad. Incontinence can lead to envy, hostility, indecency, falsehood, fraud, and can keep the perpetrator from obedience, and
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In Islam, Religion that we profess and embraced by hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world, is a way of life that ensures the happiness of the believer's life in the world and the hereafter. It has one essential essence: functioning to give the best possible clue. The Qur'an provides guidance on the issues of Aqeedah, Shari'a, and morals, by laying down the principal foundations on these matters; and Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) to give a complete account of the foundations
Kindness to the relatives. Humans are social beings, surely in addition to maintaining a relationship to the Creator that is Allah SWT, it is also good to maintain good relations between human beings. Islam advocates connecting and unifying and forbidding the breaking of relationships, avoiding each other, and all matters causing the birth of divisions. Therefore Islam advocates for linking friendship and warns against letting a Muslim decide.
Save yourself with hell. Unbelief will surely lead us into the fire of hell. Therefore, the only way to save ourselves from the flames of hell is to strengthen faith and belief in Allah and by doing good deeds of deeds. And we, as Muslims, should always pray to Allah to be free from the fires of hell. Heaven is the eternal place that the whole of God's people dream of on the last day. The description of heaven and hell is also openly described in the verses of the

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