Meaning Of Islam Research Paper

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Islam is considered a way of life. It is the guidance for all mankind from Allah., the Creator of the Universe. It also cover all the things people behave and does in their lifetime. Islam tells the people the purpose of the people creation , final destiny and place among the society. Islam creature. It shows the best way to conduct the people private and public affairs in terms of political, economic, social, spiritual activities. Islam is an Arab word meaning the submission and obedience. The submission is acceptance of Allah's commands. While obedience means putting Allah's commands into practice and doings. Submission and obedience to Allah brings peace that is why Islam also means peace. An individual who accepts that Islamic way of life and acts upon it is a Muslim. Moreover, Allah is another word …show more content…
Citing the Quran, Allah said that He created the humankind and jinn, which is an invisible spirit, to worship Him. because of this passage, it can be stated that it is a Divine directive to pray and worship the Creator. Salat also represents a worshipper’s acceptance of being a servant of God, the Creator and his submission to His Omnipotent Will. Apart from submission and worship, prayers advocates that men are weak and in need of guidance and protection from God’s divine grace, abundance, mercy and forgiveness. Praying is also a way of showing the free will of Muslims because it is a decision made by every individual worshipper. The Holy Quran also cited that according to Allah, a person’s praying habit will be the first thing to be questioned during the Judgment Day. Furthermore, Prophet also mentioned that losing connection through prayers is also equivalent to losing a person’s family and property. On the other hand, the Prophet Muhammad compared prayers with flowing river that washes away a person’s sin. If worshippers will pray five times a day, he is believed to be free from sins and

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