Party Security Plan

Invitations and Guest list
For the party to be safe and be under a controlled environment, there will need to be strict number or guests and a strict invite. There won’t be a Facebook event made, because the information about the party is easily passed around and it will increase the chance of gatecrashers. There will be personal invites given directly out to the guest, concerning all the information about the party. Then to come to the party, they must give the invitation over to the “guard” at the front of the venue to be allowed to enter the party.
Security/Venue choice
There will be security at the front and a couple out the back, in the case of a fight breaking out or in case there is an emergency, there will be sober people to help.
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People who are over the age will have to provide ID and then they will be given a wristband a certain colour symbolising that they are allowed to drink. There will be security dealing the alcoholic drinks out and they will be only given to people wearing the coloured wristband. As there is still a risk of people over the age of eighteen giving people under the age drinks, I will make set rules that if a member of security catches you drinking alcohol they will simply be kicked off the premises and will not be allowed to re-enter the party. For people who are under the age of eighteen, parental consent of the guest attending the party will need to be …show more content…
The extra alcohol will be stored and watched by the security and either given back to the guest at the end of the night or given back at some later stage when the guest isn’t drunk. The people delivering the drinks won’t ask the guests if they would like a drink, because the majority of the time the guest will say yes to be polite. So if the guest would like a drink they have to go out of their way to go get a drink. The drink station will be set up a bit away from the music so people will have to leave the area of the party if they wish to drink

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