My Interpersonal Helping Skills Project

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Interpersonal Helping Skills Project
Being vocally engaged is a big part of becoming a counselor. I, however am trying to master being for vocal with others. This goal can obviously not be achieved right away. It will take me some time to achieve my goal. Also, I am also trying to achieve another goal, listening to the client rather than thinking of my question.
I know I am not a vocal person. However, I am more vocal when I’m not in an academic setting. But, I am able to connect with clients from my job. So, on October 14th I took the opportunity to be a participant in the fishbowl. My main goal during this activity was to be more vocal than I usually am.
Going into the fishbowl II had zero knowledge of what I was getting myself into, I
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A really big flaw of mine is, thinking of questions while people are talking to me. It’s good to have a sense of what you might say next but, I get lost in people’s conversations thinking. In a way, I also am an over thinker. Because when the person is done talking, I know exactly what to say. However, I think over think the idea of my question not being “good enough” or not “fitting” with what the person told me. One of the main reasons I consistently think of what I should be asking later, so I can be more vocal. I feel as if not thinking hard on my questions, intertwines with being vocal. I feel as if I want to be more vocal, I need to think of questions to ask next. This is not what I should be doing. I had to put a stop to thinking if I want to be more vocal, then know the question right away. So, I started focusing on my questions first. When I first started, I used my roommates as practice dummies. I would stop my roommate before she started telling me her story for the day, and say, “You do not need to be thinking of questions, everything will come naturally.” After the first time I had tried this, well I felt so weird. I only felt weird in the sense that I had to put my roommate’s day on hold so I could tell myself to focus. I also started doing this at work too. If the clients were not around, I would think, “Okay, when they start asking questions it’s perfectly normal to wait a couple seconds before giving them a direct answer.” After a couple weeks of consistently stopping myself, it just became a habit of mine. I can sit and listen to a conversation without always having to have the question right away. However, I still find myself from time to time thinking of a question that can be asked. But, it’s just me pushing to be more

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