Importance Of Innovator And Corporate DNA

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Innovator and Corporate DNA
In entrepreneurship, Corporate DNA is the building block of success. Corporate DNA is the organizational culture the entrepreneur and management team foster in the business. It is the principles the business live by as to who they are, what the team do, and how the team will behave. Whatever values or standards are set form the pillars that maintain the business. The molding of the new venture DNA will occur based on the entrepreneur’s Innovator’s DNA because personal DNA and mindset is one of the factors entrepreneurs unconsciously consider in the beginning stages of businesses. If the entrepreneur has good Innovators DNA, the Corporate DNA may come out ok. An entrepreneur can always influence the Corporate
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Some of the information used in the creative process comes from the information gathered from a multitude of different industries but overall from inherited skills, talents, and abilities that are learned. Fostering creativity happens when you train the mind, eyes and ears to see beyond the surface, receive input from others and then generalize conclusions. Creativity can be taught by encouraging someone to look and listen to something, ask for a perspective and encouraging them to provide a new perspective. Stanford’s Design School is a great beginning point for a team within an organization embarking on learning more about creative thinking and innovation. Creativity can affect a person’s career because it encourages problem solvers and in most cases problem solvers innovate. Hopefully, the individual can also utilize creativity to become an efficient leader of a cohesive …show more content…
Jobs that can be outsourced have been outsourced overseas for pennies on a dollar, while many new hires domestically lack basic skills and the motivation to learn. What’s prevalent is also the mentality of competence when unconscious incompetence is actually in place. It is an uphill battle, to get the candidate’s service ready when perception has them oblivious to the skills they are lacking. Technologies that have contributed to the “lazy” mentality of most Americans have led the trend. These technologies are disguised as technologies that will save time and money, but as they are adopted on a massive scale, the consequences are devastating. With the perception of convenience, we have surrendered our privacy to companies only interested in maintaining their relevance without regard for personal safety and financial privacy. As these technologies are adopted and grow, their profitability is unimaginable. There is a coming plateau where the technology we use for convenience will render humans unemployable. Robots will be developed to replace humans in repetitive tasks. The workplace of the future may be filled machines, machines and more machines with a select few educated human capital that have gone beyond an entry level Bachelor’s degree and a continuing education MBA. This workplace will need individuals that know how to interpret trends and the state of business. Creativity, innovation, critical

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