Importance Of Information Technology Essay

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Information Technology plays a very important role in improving the status of various different fields. The emerging growth in information system and internet services has allowed greater influence of IT in various aspects of environment and human health. As the information technology evolves, there are many new systems that are used to bring in significant improvements in the quality of environment and human health. Information Technology helps generate massive amount of data, which are useful to interpret the state of the environment and recognize what changes need to be made.
There exists a relation between the environment and human health. Negative changes in the environment could result in having a negative effect on the human health. There are numerous health consequences of environmental factors, such as those resulting from pollution, climate change, increase in the level of harmful
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New methods intend to save the environment so that it can in turn have a positive impact on public health. Information technology has enabled us to have a better understanding of the consequences of environmental degradation and its impact on human health with the help of internet. Development of advanced technology to protect and improve the environment is possible with deeper research, which is possible because of the internet.
There are various environmental problems which can be understood and tackled with the help of Information Technology. Protecting environment and human health has been one of the major focus for countries around the world. More usage of energy would lead to more pollution and greenhouse emissions, which in turn leads to global warming. Therefore, energy conservation is important because it effects the environment and indirectly effects human health. By conserving energy, you save natural resources and reduce the emission of harmful substances into the

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